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What I Offer

Supporting Your Well-Being

Embracing the new often requires us to let go of something we've been holding onto, sometimes without even realising it: an old story, an outdated belief, an identity or way of being we've outgrown. Whether you're drawn to individual therapy, a course of energy work, or one of my life coaching programmes, the core of what I offer is the same: an opportunity to shed what is no longer serving you and to find greater balance, alignment and harmony in both your inner world and your outer life.


Individual Therapy

Therapy gets to the heart of our inner world. It helps us to discover who we are at the deepest level and to witness and heal the parts of us that are stuck in the past so that we can move on with our lives. This journey of discovery might take a few months, or it might take longer. Everyone's process is different. The important thing is to find an approach and a pace that are right for you.

Over the years I have studied and practiced a number of different psychotherapeutic and healing modalities, but the approach I have personally found to be most empowering and transformative is Internal Family Systems. IFS is a compassionate, non-pathologising therapeutic model that encourages and supports individuals to access their own Self-energy and inner wisdom in order to bring about powerful emotional and psychological healing and change.

My specialism is in short and medium-term therapy, supporting clients to work through specific issues and challenges using IFS as my core approach. 

Typical areas of focus with clients are:

·       Reducing anxiety, stress and depression

·       Building greater confidence, self-acceptance and self-belief

·       Releasing guilt and shame

·       Working through anger and conflict

·       Resolving relationship issues

IFS-Inspired Coaching

While counselling and therapy are generally focused around healing wounding from the past in order to restore emotional and psychological well-being in the present, coaching supports you in bridging the gap between the life you're leading now, and the one you truly want to be living.

Some common areas of focus:

  • Taking the next step in your career

  • Overcoming confidence issues

  • Achieving greater work/life balance

  • Boosting productivity

  • Managing relationship challenges

  • Reducing anxiety and stress

Using a blend of Internal Family Systems, Co-Active Coaching and mindfulness-based approaches, my aim is to support you to connect with your highest vision for your life, boost your motivation, overcome fear and  procrastination and build the courage, self-belief and momentum needed to embrace real and lasting change.

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Healing Stones

Bio-Energy Therapy

Bio-Energy Therapy is a dynamic yet gentle form of energy work whose aim is to restore the natural flow of energy through and around the body in order to facilitate healing, restoration and repair. It provides a wonderful, non-intrusive way to re-balance and re-energize body, mind and emotions.

While stand-alone sessions are possible, Bio-Energy Therapy tends to work best as a course of treatment. With this in mind, I offer packages of 4 or 6 sessions where the focus is on supporting you to:

  • Detoxify and release 'blocked' energy

  • Rebalance and re-energize the various systems of the body

  • Boost your own natural healing capacities

  • Sustain higher levels of health and vitality

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