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Restoring balance, harmony and wholeness

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I'm Susie, an IFS Therapist and Coach based in Bath, England. My work with clients is informed by my own journey of growth and development, which has spanned the past 25 years. During that time I have explored and qualified in a number of different self-development approaches and healing modalities, including Internal Family Systems, Psychosynthesis Counselling, Co-Active Coaching, NLP, Bio-Energy Therapy and Shamanism. The synthesis of these varied approaches enables me to bring a truly person-centred and holistic approach to the services I offer.

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Well-Being From The Inside-Out


IFS Therapy

Internal Family Systems is "a new, empowering paradigm for understanding and harmonising the mind." It offers a way to work with old pain and trauma from the past that is keeping us stuck in the present, in order to bring greater balance, harmony and alignment to our inner system and to our outer lives.


IFS-Inspired Coaching

Coaching is ideal for those who are looking to unblock their creativity, let go of old beliefs and habits and take the steps needed to make significant changes in their lives. Whether it's career change, finding a new direction in mid-life, building more empowering relationships, or creating a more fulfilling or healthier lifestyle, my IFS inspired coaching programmes can help you find the clarity, confidence, inner alignment and motivation to make things happen.

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Bio-Energy Therapy

Bio-Energy Therapy is a dynamic yet gentle form of energy work which seeks to boost the body's natural capacity for healing, restoration and repair. It is based on the principle that all illness and disease have, at their root, some form of energy blockage or imbalance. By reducing or eliminating this imbalance, we support the body to return to its natural state of health and vitality.

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“The privilege

of a lifetime

is to become

who you truly


Carl Jung

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